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Wow! I finally wrote the first chapter! So I know in Boys Keep Swinging I said that Brian and Justin barely saw each other in 3 years. I'm changing that statement, because Justin comes to visit quite a lot in this prequel. Oh, and updates will probably be pretty slow, because college has taken over my life. Also, this entire prequel will be posted, and then the sequel to BKS. This chapter is mostly Brian. Enjoy!

Here's Boys Keep Swinging if you need a refresh or whatever: Boys Keep Swinging Memories

Summary/Teaser: It's been less than a day and Brian already misses Justin, but he doesn't want to keep Sunshine from his dream. Brian and Jennifer talk and connect with one another. Ted and Blake decide to start anew. Michael wants Brian to rebuild the club. Justin thinks about how to stop Brian from pushing him off another Kinney cliff.

This Mess We're In Chapter 1 )
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So this idea came to me when I was raking mowed grass off the lawn and listening to End Of The Family Line by Morrissey. Jennifer thinks about her journey accepting Justin and Brian, about how much Brian has become a part of her life, and gets a surprise.

By Chance Or Whim )


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I do not own Queer As Folk, CowLip does. I'm just doing this because I know some people want the script available and every one I can find is wrong.

Season One, Episode Two

Transcript under the cut.

Transcipt Episode Two )

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