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I will make sound. I will make poetry, and it will be loud.

Risen Mitten, Life Knife, and that old favourite: Stun Gun.

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Hi, my name's Lex, or Squash. I'm just a Queer As Folk, Torchwood and Doctor Who fan. I'm using this journal for my fanfictions and other show-related stuff.

I am also on, AO3, and Tumblr as nothing-rhymes-with-ianto. I'm transcribing the scripts of the US Queer As Folk DVDs on to my LJ for others to use, as well. Check in my memories for my chaptered fics and transcripts, you'll find them there in order so you dont have to go searching through for them.

I absolutely adore comments and constructive criticism and feedback, so feel free to give me those. They inspire me to keep writing. If you have any requests for scenes or gapfillers you'd like me to write, message me and let me know and I will do it gladly!

[Disclaimer: This is (mostly) a fanfiction account. Anything that you recognize does not belong to me, but to the creators and producers of the show, may it be CowLip and Showtime, Russell T. Davies and the BBC, or someone/something else]

I have a huge list of fic recommendations that is available here: Fic Recs Masterpost

Communities I mod:
ianto_and_owen: An Owen/Ianto community.
prompttorchwood: A Torchwood prompts community.
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