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Finally got around to making a masterlist. Everything's sorted alphabetically and by fandom.
Please, please comment on fics! I love feedback! It helps me write and it gives me new ideas. I like hearing what people have to say about my stories!



15 Things That Happened
All Characters, All Pairings | PG-13 | 4,438
What it says on the tin. Snippets of fanfics inspired randomly by songs. None of them are songfics, because songfics are the bane of my existence.

A Different Kind Of Kindness
Jack/Ianto | G | 422
Jack notices something Ianto's been missing since long before Lisa was found, and decides to be the one to give it to him.

All That's Left
Owen/Katie | PG | 1,867
After he dies, Jack offers Owen a gift of the past. Whether it's good or bad, Owen can't decide.

All These Nights Of Fucking Things Up Won't Leave You Clean
Jack, Ianto | R | 1,275 | [ profile] alphabetasoup & that-that-thing-from-that-place
Jack wonders belatedly if maybe he should have come later, when the pain isn't so raw.

And All We Need Of Hell
Suzie, Gwen | PG | 766
Suzie knows she never would've liked Gwen, and now there's only moments between them before she can find the way she was before Torchwood ruined her.

And To The Pieces Of You And The Pieces Of Them
Jack/Tosh, Jack/Suzie, Jack/Owen, Jack/Ianto | R | 3,429
Jack has slept with every employee of Torchwood except for Gwen.

And When You Want To Live
Jack/Ianto | PG | 1,115
Jack and Ianto talk after Countrycide and discuss being real.

An Important Gift For An Old Friend
Jack/Ianto; Torchwood team | PG | 2,647
The Doctor comes to Torchwood to give a gift to a friend.

A Pain Too Lonely
Owen | PG | 267
Owen is sick of the doubt. And he can't stand it any more.

A Thousand Memories
Jack; Jack/Ianto | PG | 385
Jack finds a photograph in Ianto's flat.

Been Trying To Run My Heart Away
Jack, The Doctor | PG | 1,567 | [ profile] hc_bingo
The destruction he caused is no salve for his pain, but the Doctor's words are a start.

Jack, Ianto | PG | 1,131
Takes place after Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Ianto finally gets a good look at Jack, finally sees the changes, and knows something's wrong.

Chasing The Starlight
Jack | PG | 329
Jack looks out on the lights of the city.

Cold And Lonely
Torchwood Team | PG | 443
Gwen didn't seem to have any idea how much her accusation hurt her coworkers.

Confessions To A Darkened Room
Jack; Jack/Ianto | PG | 595
Jack remembers as he stands at Ianto's bedroom window.

Ianto, Tenth Doctor, Jack | PG | 1,605
Ianto confronts the Doctor and defends Jack.

Jack/Ianto | G | 184
Ianto wants to be Jack's constant.

Dance With Me
Owen; Jack/Ianto | PG | 542
Owen observes the dance between Jack and Ianto in Something Borrowed

Dive Your Hand In, Feel The Longing
Jack, Angelo | PG | 646
Jack speaks to an unconscious Angelo, and realizes some things about the men he loves.

Does It Call You Or Maul You Or Drive You Insane?
Owen, Ianto; Owen/Diane | PG-13 | 2,180
After Diane leaves, Owen doesn't come in for work. Ianto comes to check on him. Warning for suicidal themes.

Don't Ever Let Them Hear You Fracture, Your Heart Is Already Too Much A Morgue
Owen; Owen/Katie, Owen/Diane | PG | 1,559
Owen has a bad day at work, and tries to remember his past. But he can't do it anymore, because he's dying forever now, and there's nothing left.

Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 2,355
Jack finally comes home from The Year That Never Was, damaged and in pain. Warning for some not-so-pleasant bodily functions.

I Am Aweary, Aweary
Ianto | G | 382
Ianto considers his dwindling desire for scuba diving and his impossible hopes for Jack's future.

Ichigoichie (One Time Only)
Jack/Ianto | PG | 1,225
Four first times for Jack and Ianto.

I Ddim Ond Dweud Y Gair "Ffarwél" (And One Last Time To Say "Farewell")
Torchwood Team, Myfanwy | PG | 892
All things must die. Even if you're the one who loved them.

It's Not Refraction, It's Just Our Cracked Sense Of Self
Owen/Ianto | PG-13 | 436 | [ profile] paperclipbitch
Ianto has had enough of Owen's self-pity.

It's Not The Same, Their Light And Yours
Jack; The Team | PG | 914 | [ profile] alphabetasoup
You wish you could change their lives. You wish you could make her see.

Just Remember
Jack | PG | 860
After many a drunken stint, Jack sets his Vortex Manipulator coordinates on random. It takes him somewhere he doesn't want to go, but then he realizes he can save the ones he lost with just a sentence.

K9's Lament
Torchwood Team, K9 | G | 1,023
The team go to Ealing to collect a dear friend's pet.

Like A House Of Cards
Ianto; Jack | G | 996
Ianto doesn't grieve like Jack.

Naming Our Mistakes
Jack/Ianto | PG | 530
There was no instant connection between Jack and Ianto. That never happens in real life.

Not All Martyrs See Divinity
Alice; Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 6,280
Alice decides that she wants to understand why her father did what he did, and sees her father as more than she ever believed him to be.

Ianto, Owen/Ianto | PG | 609
Time has stopped. Ianto can't cope with more dead friends.

Pictures Of The Life I Lived
Jack, pre-DW Jack | PG | 735 | [ profile] hc_bingo
A man wanders the Universe with memories in his pocket.

Representations And Realizations
Jack/Ianto | G | 966
For the prompt "If a hug represented how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever."

Set Darkness In Your Veins
Ianto | R | 803 | [ profile] redisourcolor # 28
Ianto's been craving something that is missing. In the night, on the streets, he finds it. Takes place about two weeks after Adam. Warning for assault, non-con, dark themes.

Sometimes Things Get A Little Strange, But We Survive
Owen, Team | PG | 995 | [ profile] zombi_fic_ation
Owen comes back to life as a zombie. A brain-craving zombie. What will the team do?

So We Wonder What Peace Of Mind Could Be Like
Owen, Ianto | PG | 1,067 | [ profile] hc_bingo
Ianto and Owen brave the cold of the Himalayas. Owen voices his reassurances, but not his apprehension.

Speculations On A "Normal" Life
Owen | PG | 374
Owen doesn't understand Facebook. To him, it's pointless. A little introspection from Owen about the outside world.

Sudden Understanding
Jack, Ianto, Owen | PG | 197
Ianto talks to Jack before they go to Henry's, and Jack has a bout of empathy.

The Shooting's Easy If You've Got The Right Gun
Suzie, Ianto | PG-13 | 1,055
Everyone in Torchwood has their own secrets.

The Two Halves Of The Cosmos Are Tied By Golden Thread
Jack/Ianto | PG | 1,107 | [info]torchwood_fest member fest 2012
The Tale is told before Judgement can be given.

There Must Be Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover
All Characters, All Pairings | R | 2,089
There must be fifty ways to leave your lover. Torchwood has explored far too many. Warning for character death and rape.

There's A Tense Understanding Between Love And Hate
Owen/Ianto | PG-13 | 301
Owen and Ianto walk the line.

This Thing Is Built From Broken Parts
Jack/Ianto, Owen/Ianto | PG-13 | 7,226 | [ profile] hc_bingo
Ianto wonders if this is his brain’s new version of fucked up, falling in love with the people he’s supposed to hate.

Jack/Ianto; Rhiannon | PG | 3,084
During separate times of grief, Ianto and Rhiannon go out in a storm to find someone else waiting, hurting more.

Thus The Living, Lone And Sobbing
Jack; Jack/Ianto | PG | 660
Jack drives back to Wales after Steven and Ianto's deaths. The pain is almost too much to bear.

Under The Skin
Ianto, Jack | PG | 2,051
This is a sequel to lilferret79's story Skin Deep.

Untwist My Knotted Mind
Owen, Diane; Jack, Ianto | PG | 4,402 | that-thing-from-that-place
He looks at the frightened woman beside him and can see no trace of the strength and ferocity he fell in love with. Now it’s his turn to help fix her.

Welcome To The Machine
Lisa; Ianto, Dr. Tanizaki | PG-13 | 2,331
Something whispers in the grey fog. It sounds metallic and electric and malicious. She tries so hard to fight it.

We Make A History, A Tale Of Pain
Ianto, Gwen | PG-13 | 997
People forget that Ianto was at Canary Wharf. Especially Gwen.

We're Just A Flicker, A Spark That Lasts Forever
Tosh, Jack | PG | 145
Toshiko's last moments.

What Could Have Been
Jack; Jack/Ianto | PG | 445
Too often Jack imagines what might’ve happened if Ianto had stayed behind.

When Dawn Came Stealing Up All Gold And Blue
Peggy/Diane | Torchwood/Captain America 2011 Crossover | PG | 235 | [ profile] paperclipbitch
They meet on their first report for duty.

You Don't Know It, But I'm Watching You Drown
Ianto, Jack | PG | 508
Ianto follows Jack, but there's no way he can help.


300 Torchwood Drabbles
All Characters, All Pairings | R | Work In Progress
Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 | Set 5
300 drabbles of either 100, 150, or 200 words. All drabbles are 100 words unless otherwise indicated. Each drabble was inspired by a single word prompt given to me by random followers on Tumblr.

In Losing What I Am, I Become Who We Are
Ianto, Owen; Torchwood Team sans Jack | PG-13 | 43,192 | [ profile] tw_collab_fest & [ profile] solvingfor42
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Alternate Ending
Some strange epidemic is sweeping over Cardiff, converting living things to strange clockwork creatures. Meanwhile, Jack is still gone, and the Torchwood team is overwhelmed. Then Ianto starts acting strangely, and everything gets far worse.

Queer As Folk


12 Years of Christmas
Brian/Justin, Gus; the gang | PG-13 | 10,156 | qaf_giftxchange 2010 & [info]bidyke73
Twelve years of Christmases with Brian, Justin and Gus, and sometimes the gang. Starts when Gus is seven years old.

A Good Idea
Brian/Justin, Daphne | PG | 595
Brian comes home to minor chaos. For the prompt "It seemed like a good idea at the time" on qaf_prompts.

Alone And Colder
Brian, Justin, the gang | R | 3,636
Trigger warning for suicide. What if Michael hadn't gotten Brian's phone call and hadn't been able to sit with him in the hospital after the bashing? Can be read as a standalone, but has a companion chapter 2.

Brian/Justin | NC-17 | 1,783
Brian reacts during the farewell sex in 5.13 before Justin leaves.

At Dawn
Brian/Justin; the gang | PG-13 | 3,107
The conspiracy theorists and movies were right. [Apocalypse fic.]

Be A Different Man
Daphne; Justin/Ethan, Brian/Justin | PG | 1,577
But after, after the bashing, he didn't just want Brian, he wanted roses and chocolate and heart and 'I love yous' and dates.

Brian/Justin, the gang | PG-13 | 2,762
"You're seeing it! The greatest reunification since Germany!"

Bit Of Soul
Dr. Cameron; Brian/Justin | PG | 726
Dr. Dave sees Brian and Justin together in a normal setting for the first time.

Blue Eyes
Brian/Justin | PG-13 | 2,038
Brian didn’t realize how accurate the saying “Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” was until the night of the Rage party.

Brian/Justin | PG | 731
Brian's favourite pastime was making sure Justin was still breathing.

By Chance Or Whim
Jennifer; Justin/Brian, Molly | PG-13 | 781
Jennifer thinks about her journey accepting Justin and Brian, about how much Brian has become a part of her life, and gets a surprise.

Can't Get You Out
Brian/Justin | R | 1,461
Brian was right, his words about time nearly prophetic. (Warning for major character death.)

Caught Beneath The Wheels
Justin; Cody, Brian | PG-13 | 937
Cody doesn't understand Justin's fear at all, doesn't understand his motivations for doing any of this.

Brian/Justin, Debbie | PG | 565
Debbie observes the silverware battle between Brian and Justin in the diner in 2.15.

Fathers And Sons
Justin, Brian, Lindsay, Gus, Michael, Debbie | G | 1,548
Three fathers and their sons. For the prompt Fathers And Sons at qaf_prompts on Insane Journal.

For A Good Conversation
Brian/Justin | PG | 668
Justin and Brian have an inane phone conversation while Justin is in L.A. Inspired by an entry on Texts From Last Night.

Good News
Justin, Brian | G | 100
A little drabble written in celebration of Proposition 8 being struck down in California.

Brian/Justin, Other POV | R | 2,333
An outsider observes the communication and subsequent reunion between Brian and Justin in 3.08. For the prompt "Kinnetic gossip."

Brian/Justin | G | 100 |  [info]drabylon challenge #0131
Brian and Justin at home, cooking

Just Another Ordinary
Brian/Justin | PG | 1,290
It isn’t some huge revelation that brings him tearfully to his knees, or a sudden explosion of colour and light and sound that makes him gasp and freeze.

No Flowers
Brian | G | 522
For the prompt "tulips."

Reason To Remember The Name
Brian | PG | 100
Everyone always remembered the name.

Brian, Emmett | G | 228
A tiny gapfiller for 3.07, when Emmett came to Vanguard to talk to Brian about helping Ted.

Rough Boys
Brian/Justin | R | 1,440
Warning for breath play. Filler for 2.11. Brian and Justin talk about what could have happened when Justin went home with Brian that first night. Of course, talking leads to other things.

Take The Plan, Spin It Sideways
Brian/Justin | PG | 649
There's something wrong with Brian and Justin can't figure it out. For the prompt "black duffel bag."

Justin, Brian | PG | 475
Living and communicating with Brian was like one step forward, three steps back.

Teenage Sensation
Brian/Justin, Brandon, Other POV | PG-13 | 1,349
An interpretation of a deleted scene from the end season 5.

The Lie Wouldn't Let Me Sleep
Justin/Ethan, Justin/Brian | PG | 1,681
Justin's nightmares come back, and Ethan doesn't know how to help.

The Stone Flower
Justin; Ethan, Brian | PG-13 | 2,720
After moving in with Ethan, Justin begins to doubt if he ever should have left.

To My Eye
Brian/Justin | PG | 1,475
Photography was Brian's first love, before advertising, before the need to prove something with money and power. Justin finds an old box.

Until We Learn
Brian, Justin | PG-13 | 2,644
Justin and Brian's journeys to and through life and love. Inspired by two lines from a song by The Eagles.

Walking On Thin Ice
Brian, Justin | PG-13 | 822
Brian has a realization during Justin's showdown with Stockwell at the GLC.


Against My Will I Stay Out
Brian/Justin, the gang | R | Unfinished
Gus shows up at Justin's New York loft with bad news that prompts Justin to (reluctantly) return to the life he left behind.
Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5

Boys Keep Swinging
Brian/Justin; Michael/Ben; Ted/Blake; the gang | R | 62,246
After three years, Justin comes home from New York for good. But there's a storm brewing in Pittsburgh.
Ch.1 | Ch.2 | Ch.3 | Ch.4 | Ch.5 | Ch.6 | Ch.7 | Ch.8 | Ch.9 | Ch.10 | Ch.11 | Ch.12 | Ch.13 | Ch 14 | Ch.15 | Ch.16 | Ch.17 | Ch.18 | Ch.19a | Ch.19b |

Parce Mihi Domine
Brian; Justin, Michael, the gang | R | 26,204
Brian's skewed life after the bashing.
Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6 | Ch 7 | Ch 8

This Mess We're In
Brian/Justin, the gang | R | Unfinished
Prequel to Boys Keep Swinging.
Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3

Doctor Who

Rose; Jack | PG | 763
After coming back to Pete's world, Rose has time to think about her past with the Doctor, and why something felt wrong. And she realizes the impact she has on people and how she's hurt someone she loves.

Hwythau Inni Ninnau Achub O (They Save Us From Ourselves)
Rose, Jack, Ninth Doctor | PG-13 | 2,397

The Doctor takes Rose and Jack to Woman Wept. For Tumblr gift exchange 2011.

Keeps Her Fighting
Rose | G | 509
The thought of him keeps her going, keeps her fighting.

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