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2012-06-18 09:55 am

Fic Masterlist

Finally got around to making a masterlist. Everything's sorted alphabetically and by fandom.
Please, please comment on fics! I love feedback! It helps me write and it gives me new ideas. I like hearing what people have to say about my stories!

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2011-01-01 11:05 pm

12 Years Of Christmas

Written for the qaf_giftxchange challenge. I had a lot of fun writing this, since I don't often write cutsie fluffiness.
To: [ profile] bidyke73 
From: [ profile] qafkinnetic 
Title: 12 Years of Christmas
Gift request: Far-into-the-future fic, teenage gay Gus, fluffiness, PWP, humour
Rating: M
Summary: Twelve years of Christmases with Brian, Justin and Gus, and sometimes the gang. Starts when Gus is seven years old.

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2010-11-08 02:47 am

This Mess We're In Chapter 3

Woohoo finally! I'm sorry this took so damn long. I'm on my college's magazine and all my writer power and concentration has been going into my (finally, almost finished) article about GLBT students and college. And I also had some major writer's block on this chapter. Now it's done, hooray!
(By the way, if anyone wants to make a banner/icon/whatever for this story or BKS or BKS's sequel, The Only Way Is Up, please feel free. There are so many people out there who are much better at digital art and banners than I am.)

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Summary: Brian gets a surprise visit and some very unsettling news. Michael worries about Brian not liking him, Emmett has a date and Ted and Blake talk about their relationship a little. Justin is upset when Brian calls to give him the news he received. Brian calls Lindsay, and gets a vague, ambivalent response.

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2010-10-19 10:12 pm

This Mess We're In Chapter 2

This chapter is very dialogue heavy. These first few chapters are just buildup, sorry. Stuff will really happen in the next chapter! If months go by really fast in this story, dont be confused. I'm cramming 3 years into kind of a small space.

Go back to Chapter 1

Summary/Teaser: Justin makes a goal. Brian thinks Justin doesn't need him. Michael and Brian get invited up North. Justin finds a job and Brian is scared.

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2010-10-19 09:39 pm

Reason To Remember The Name

This drabble is based on this video, which is epic.

Everyone always remembered the name. Brian Kinney. Kinnetic. But mostly just Brian Kinney. Often people would wonder why he was so good at everything he did, sometimes they would ask him, and he would just raise an eyebrow and give an enigmatic, charismatic answer that just made them love him more. They chalked it up to pure amazing talent.

Justin knew, though. He knew that Brian’s ‘talent’ was made up of many things. Some things he got lucky with, good guesses. Some was learned, a skill. Brian had the strongest willpower of anyone Justin had ever known. Some was pleasure, fucks in the bathroom and stroking egos. Much of it was pushing through pain, struggles, pasts, trauma, aching dramas of the present problems, misery. But mostly, it was just Brian Kinney.

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2010-10-06 07:10 pm

This Mess We're In Chapter 1

Wow! I finally wrote the first chapter! So I know in Boys Keep Swinging I said that Brian and Justin barely saw each other in 3 years. I'm changing that statement, because Justin comes to visit quite a lot in this prequel. Oh, and updates will probably be pretty slow, because college has taken over my life. Also, this entire prequel will be posted, and then the sequel to BKS. This chapter is mostly Brian. Enjoy!

Here's Boys Keep Swinging if you need a refresh or whatever: Boys Keep Swinging Memories

Summary/Teaser: It's been less than a day and Brian already misses Justin, but he doesn't want to keep Sunshine from his dream. Brian and Jennifer talk and connect with one another. Ted and Blake decide to start anew. Michael wants Brian to rebuild the club. Justin thinks about how to stop Brian from pushing him off another Kinney cliff.

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2010-09-22 12:01 am


Justin gets a drunken phone call from Brian in the middle of the night, while he's still living with Ethan. So this is random and hypothetical-ish. Inspired by the song Erase by MIKA. Link here: Erase by MIKA

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2010-08-30 02:58 am

Can't Get You Out

Brian was right, his words about time are nearly prophetic. Post 513. Major character death. Inspired by this video by ScribbledDreaming:

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2010-08-24 01:48 am
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Caught Beneath The Wheels

Justin thinking before the Pink Posse goes to see Hobbes that last time. Cody doesn't understand Justin's fear at all, doesn't understand his motivations for doing any of this. Title of this story comes from Runaway Train by Oleander, a song played in Bang, Bang, You're Dead, which Randy starred in.

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2010-08-19 02:38 am

Stay Here At Home Beside Me

Okay, I admit it. Gale/Randy RPS is a guilty pleasure of mine. So I wrote one because I got inspired.

Gale and Randy watch Rebel Without A Cause. Randy feels similarity towards Sal Mineo, and thinks that Gale is very much like James Dean, and he and Gale talk about what could have happened.
(If you haven't noticed, I'm also a James Dean junkie and obsessed with Rebel Without A Cause)

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2010-08-09 01:05 pm


Gapfiller for 5.05. Immediately after Brian tells Justin he has syphilis.


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2010-08-07 01:52 am

By Chance Or Whim

So this idea came to me when I was raking mowed grass off the lawn and listening to End Of The Family Line by Morrissey. Jennifer thinks about her journey accepting Justin and Brian, about how much Brian has become a part of her life, and gets a surprise.

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2010-08-05 01:32 am

Boys Keep Swinging Chapter 19(b)

After three and a half years, Justin comes home from New York for good.
Chapter Summary/Teaser: Melanie tells Lindsay that she plans to revoke Lindsay's parental rights of JR. Ben is getting more and more fed up with Michael. Brian gets good news as Melanie worries. Justin and Brian deal with something that has been haunting them for years.

(I am working on a prequel called This Mess We're In and a sequel called The Only Way Is Up. Apparently, Melanie has a lot to say in the sequel about what happened in the prequel, so the prequel will be posted first.)

Go to:
|Ch.1|Ch.2|Ch.3|Ch.4|Ch.5|Ch.6|Ch.7|Ch.8|Ch.9|Ch.10|Ch.11|Ch.12|Ch.13|Ch 14|Ch.15|Ch.16|Ch.17|Ch.18|Ch.19a|Ch.19b|


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2010-08-05 01:27 am

Boys Keep Swinging Chapter 19 (a)

After three and a half years, Justin comes home from New York for good.
Chapter Summary/Teaser: Brian, Justin and Melanie confront Lindsay. Michael is concerned for his daughter and convinced that Lindsay, Mel and Brian's custody battle is his problem. Justin reassures Brian and the legal process is started.

This is the first half of chapter 19. It was 15 word doc pages long. I know I've been sticking to one or two POVs per section, but so many people are together in this one that the POVs might jump around a bit. Sorry.


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2010-08-04 02:32 pm
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Good News

Prop 8 was struck down here in California this afternoon. Of course, it's going to go on to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, but hey, at least it got off to an okay start. I had to write this drabble when I heard the news. Word count: 100.

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2010-08-03 06:24 pm

The Stone Flower

Justin's doubts while he is living with Ethan. Once he moves in, Justin begins to realize how much he misses Brian and how much Ethan doesnt know about him. Title is from a ballet by Sergei Prokofiev of the same name. I just wanted a title that had to do with music. This story is very, very Anti-Ethan.

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2010-08-03 12:56 am
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Walking On Thin Ice

Brian has some realizations during Justin's showdown with Stockwell at the GLC.
So I'm not amazingly proud of this one, but I wanted to get my thoughts out that this scene is the moment that Brian realized that he's hurting more than helping himself by backing Stockwell. Also, does anyone else think of Fight Club whenever they hear Debbie say "His name was Jason Kemp"?

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2010-07-27 06:05 pm

Until We Learn

So this story is based on two lines from the song There's A Hole in The World by The Eagles. It goes through both Justin's and Brian's journeys to and through life and love.

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2010-07-24 01:41 am

Boys Keep Swinging Chapter 18

After three and a half years, Justin comes home from New York for good.
Chapter Summary/Teaser: Brian and Justin forget the drama going on for a night. Emmett and Ted come by to show their support. Michael gets pissed and calls Lindsay. Melanie and Lindsay fight, and Melanie takes Jenny back to Brian's. The trio decides to do something about Lindsay ASAP.

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