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Title: 300 Torchwood Drabbles (Set 4)
Pairings/Characters: Any and all pairings, any and all characters
Spoilers/Warnings: Basically, proceed with caution. Lots of spoilers, not many warnings.
Summary: 50 out of my 300 drabbles of either 100, 150, or 200 words. All drabbles are 100 words unless otherwise indicated. Each drabble was inspired by a single word prompt given to me by random followers on Tumblr.

Set 4 )

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I am doing Round Three at [ profile] hc_bingo. This is my bingo card that I got. Links will be added as stories are finished.

H/C Bingo Card )
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Written for the qaf_giftxchange challenge. I had a lot of fun writing this, since I don't often write cutsie fluffiness.
To: [ profile] bidyke73 
From: [ profile] qafkinnetic 
Title: 12 Years of Christmas
Gift request: Far-into-the-future fic, teenage gay Gus, fluffiness, PWP, humour
Rating: M
Summary: Twelve years of Christmases with Brian, Justin and Gus, and sometimes the gang. Starts when Gus is seven years old.

12 Years Of Christmas )
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I know I havent posted in forever! School started up again this week, so my posting will probably be less frequent now.
Anyway, here are the statuses of my stories and things.

Chapter 3 of Alone and Colder:
In progress, my ending for this story is unclear, so it may be a bit of a wait while I figure out exactly how to end it. However, the chapter is coming along.

This Mess We're In (prequel to BKS): In progress. It will be entirely posted before I started the sequel. My muse has sort of run away from this story at the moment and is trying to get me to finish AAC. I have a plan for this one, it is mapped out. I just need to figure out how to get it down onto paper.

The Only Way Is Up (sequel to BKS): Partially started. Will not be posted until This Mess We're In is completed.

Against My Will I Stay Out:
currently on pause, sort of. Not sure what is coming in the newest chapter, so I'm letting my muse wander away from that one for a little while. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to tell me. I will read them. I often get ideas from my reader's suggestions. I dont always use them or I tweak them, but I like hearing your input.

I'll probably write more RPS. It's a guilty pleasure that I love. More will come as I get ideas. Often my ideas come from watching some movie that reminds me of Gale or Randy, or who has one of them in it. Sometimes inspiration comes from a photo or an interview or whatever. So if I get an idea, it'll be up here.

Oneshots: More will be coming. I use oneshots and drabbles as my warm up, trying to think of good ideas places when I'm sort of stuck.

Feel free to give me prompts or story suggestions for oneshots, drabbles, chaptered, etc. I love one word, one sentence, or picture prompts. Feel free to give me movie quotes, song lyrics (though I dont use those as much), quotes or passages from books or poems, other things. One of my stories was inspired by an entry from Texts From Last Night, so hey!  If you give me a suggestion for a chaptered fic, I may not start it until I finish a few of my other ones.Anyway, some of my best stories have come from prompts, so if you have some, I'll take 'em.
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Just a oneshot. Prompt is "The Black Duffel Bag." Brian and Justin arguing and fluffiness.

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