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Woohoo finally! I'm sorry this took so damn long. I'm on my college's magazine and all my writer power and concentration has been going into my (finally, almost finished) article about GLBT students and college. And I also had some major writer's block on this chapter. Now it's done, hooray!
(By the way, if anyone wants to make a banner/icon/whatever for this story or BKS or BKS's sequel, The Only Way Is Up, please feel free. There are so many people out there who are much better at digital art and banners than I am.)

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Summary: Brian gets a surprise visit and some very unsettling news. Michael worries about Brian not liking him, Emmett has a date and Ted and Blake talk about their relationship a little. Justin is upset when Brian calls to give him the news he received. Brian calls Lindsay, and gets a vague, ambivalent response.

This Mess We're In Chapter 3 )
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This chapter is very dialogue heavy. These first few chapters are just buildup, sorry. Stuff will really happen in the next chapter! If months go by really fast in this story, dont be confused. I'm cramming 3 years into kind of a small space.

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Summary/Teaser: Justin makes a goal. Brian thinks Justin doesn't need him. Michael and Brian get invited up North. Justin finds a job and Brian is scared.

This Mess We're In Chapter 2 )
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Wow! I finally wrote the first chapter! So I know in Boys Keep Swinging I said that Brian and Justin barely saw each other in 3 years. I'm changing that statement, because Justin comes to visit quite a lot in this prequel. Oh, and updates will probably be pretty slow, because college has taken over my life. Also, this entire prequel will be posted, and then the sequel to BKS. This chapter is mostly Brian. Enjoy!

Here's Boys Keep Swinging if you need a refresh or whatever: Boys Keep Swinging Memories

Summary/Teaser: It's been less than a day and Brian already misses Justin, but he doesn't want to keep Sunshine from his dream. Brian and Jennifer talk and connect with one another. Ted and Blake decide to start anew. Michael wants Brian to rebuild the club. Justin thinks about how to stop Brian from pushing him off another Kinney cliff.

This Mess We're In Chapter 1 )
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So this idea came to me when I was raking mowed grass off the lawn and listening to End Of The Family Line by Morrissey. Jennifer thinks about her journey accepting Justin and Brian, about how much Brian has become a part of her life, and gets a surprise.

By Chance Or Whim )


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After three and a half years, Justin comes home from New York for good.
Chapter Summary/Teaser: Brian and Justin forget the drama going on for a night. Emmett and Ted come by to show their support. Michael gets pissed and calls Lindsay. Melanie and Lindsay fight, and Melanie takes Jenny back to Brian's. The trio decides to do something about Lindsay ASAP.

Boys Keep Swinging Chapter 18 )
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This first scene came to my mind when I read the prompt "Gus shows up at Justin's NY loft" in qaf_prompts on IJ. This takes place 8 years post-513. Justin has to come back to Pittsburgh to help Brian.
Chapter Summary/Teaser: Justin goes to Brian's loft, and finds it empty. While waiting for him to get home, he finds some interesting things. He and Brian argue, and Justin is left with his mind in a state of limbo as Brian sleeps.

Against My Will I Stay Out Chapter 5 )
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Just a oneshot. Prompt is "The Black Duffel Bag." Brian and Justin arguing and fluffiness.

At Dawn

Jun. 8th, 2010 09:38 pm
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I just watched Rebel Without A Cause for the first time in a while. This story popped into my head as I was mowing the lawn and thinking about the two scenes in the observatory where Jim and Plato talk about the end of the world. So I've written this 2012 piece about Brian and Justin. I do not believe in the 2012 conspiracy, I think it's stupid. But this plot bunny wouldnt leave me alone so here it is. Warning: it's angsty. I was getting a little teary as I wrote it.


At Dawn )
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This first scene came to my mind when I read the prompt "Gus shows up at Justin's NY loft" in qaf_prompts on IJ. This takes place 8 years post-513. Justin has to come back to Pittsburgh to help Brian.

Against My Will I Stay Out Chapter 1 )


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Post 513. Other character POV.
If you watch the extras on the last disc of Season 5, you will see the deleted scenes. Apparently, CowLip had some demented idea that a good ending to the show would be a shot of another young twink walking down Liberty Avenue for the first time in the same manner Justin did in Season 1. Of course, the fans probably would have freaked out and revolted, so they didnt use it. So I took the scene and had my way with it.


Teenage Sensation )


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Justin has another ordinary day....he thinks. Set post 5.13. Justin is in New York, when something new happens.


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