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Title: Been Trying To Run My Heart Away
Author: qafkinnetic
Pairings/Characters: Jack Harkness, The Doctor
Spoilers/Warnings: For CoE and DW: End of Time, sort of.
Summary: The destruction he caused is no salve for his pain, but the Doctor's words are a start.
Author's Note: For the "planet destruction" square of my [ profile] hc_bingo card. Excuse the random Greek mythology references in the beginning. I am a nerd.

Been Trying To Run My Heart Away )
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Title: There's a Tense Understanding Between Love and Hate
Author: [info]qafkinnetic
Rating(s): PG-13
Pairing(s): Owen/Ianto, in a way
Warning(s): None
Owen and Ianto walk the line.

There's A Tense Understanding Between Love and Hate )

Title: Like A House of Cards
Author: [info]qafkinnetic
Rating(s): PG-13
Pairing(s): None
Warning(s): Spoilers for Exit Wounds
Ianto doesn't grieve like Jack.
Author's Note: I wrote this a really long time ago and only just found it, so I don't think it's quite as good as my more recent fics.

Like A House of Cards )
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Title: Confessions To A Darkened Room
Author: [info]qafkinnetic
Rating(s): PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto
Warning(s): Spoilers for Children of Earth Day 4

Summary: Jack remembers as he stands at Ianto's bedroom window.

Confessions To A Darkened Room )

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Title: Thunderstorm
Author: [info]qafkinnetic
Rating(s): PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto
Warning(s): Spoilers for Exit Wounds and Children of Earth Day 4 and Day 5

Summary: During separate times of grief, Ianto and Rhiannon go out in a storm to find someone else waiting, hurting more. The first part of this takes place just after Exit Wounds. The second takes place after CoE, but before House of the Dead. This was written for the prompt "Thunderstorm."

Thunderstorm )
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Justin thinking before the Pink Posse goes to see Hobbes that last time. Cody doesn't understand Justin's fear at all, doesn't understand his motivations for doing any of this. Title of this story comes from Runaway Train by Oleander, a song played in Bang, Bang, You're Dead, which Randy starred in.

Caught Beneath The Wheels )


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Brian has some realizations during Justin's showdown with Stockwell at the GLC.
So I'm not amazingly proud of this one, but I wanted to get my thoughts out that this scene is the moment that Brian realized that he's hurting more than helping himself by backing Stockwell. Also, does anyone else think of Fight Club whenever they hear Debbie say "His name was Jason Kemp"?

Walking On Thin Ice )


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This first scene came to my mind when I read the prompt "Gus shows up at Justin's NY loft" in qaf_prompts on IJ. This takes place 8 years post-513. Justin has to come back to Pittsburgh to help Brian.
Chapter Summary/Teaser: Justin goes to Brian's loft, and finds it empty. While waiting for him to get home, he finds some interesting things. He and Brian argue, and Justin is left with his mind in a state of limbo as Brian sleeps.

Against My Will I Stay Out Chapter 5 )
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In 2.17, when Ben is in the hospital and Brian leaves Vanguard to go support Michael, there's a conversation in the hospital hallway. Brian says "Remember when Justin was bashed, and you were about to get on a plane, and you came here and you sat with me for three days, waiting to see if he was gonna live or die. If it wasnt for you, I never would have made it. It was because of you. You're strong enough for both of us." So I thought, What if Michael was already on the plane when Brian called, so his cell was off, so he never went back to the hospital to sit with and support Brian? This fic came out of that. I'm not incredibly happy with some parts of it, but enjoy.

PS. I halfway started a second chapter. Let me know if you want me to finish it! (Edit: Chapter 2 is up. Link to it at the end of this chapter)

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