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Title: Made The Twisted Hands Of Hell
Author: qafkinnetic
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Gray, John Hart
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for Exit Wounds, warning for mild torture and injuries.
Summary: When John found Gray, he had no idea how insane he really was. Gray, however, knew just how mad he had become, and why.
Author's Note: Written as a postage stamp extra for hc_bingo using the prompts septicemia/infected wounds, abandonment issues, lost childhood, and hunger/starvation. Note: my headcanon is that Jack's real name is Jaiikve and John Hart's is Chuone. They took on their "English" names when they got to Earth. Obviously, it's canon that John's was sarcasm, making fun of Jack's chosen name.

Made The Twisted Hands Of Hell )
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Title: Bridges Burning In Reverse
Author: qafkinnetic
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Ianto, Owen
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Summary: “We’re not friends at Torchwood, Ianto. You can’t have friends at Torchwood. No one trusts anyone else enough for that.”
Author's Note: Fuck yes I'm finally done! I have been trying to write this fic since the beginning of July and I kept getting painfully stuck but I really didn't want to give up on it. And now it's done! It's done! I'm insanely happy about this! It was written for the "trust issues" square of hc_bingo, and that was my last square! Thanks to snarkymuch, writinstuff, thatwrongphone, tardisjournal, jolinarjackson, and a slew of Tumblr users for betaing this multiple times, reading it over, coaching me and coaxing me through all the humps, trying their best to get me unstuck, and giving tons of feedback. Huge, huge thank you to thatwrongphone whose advice and feedback cracked open my writers block and helped me finally finish this stupid freakin' story.

Bridges Burning In Reverse )


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Title: Feels Like The Cold Has Come Through
Author: qafkinnetic
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Ianto, Jack, Gwen
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for Exit Wounds
Summary: Jack has barely spoken to Gwen, barely looked at him. Now they’re being left behind by all the spectres of the Hub, and all the things that are too close to mention.
Author's Note: Written for my "forgotten" square of angst_bingo. I thought of the last scene first, and remembered I'd been wanting to do a Jack post-Exit Wounds fic for a while now. So this happened. Thanks to writinstuff for betaing!

Feels Like The Cold Has Come Through )
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Title: Been Trying To Run My Heart Away
Author: qafkinnetic
Pairings/Characters: Jack Harkness, The Doctor
Spoilers/Warnings: For CoE and DW: End of Time, sort of.
Summary: The destruction he caused is no salve for his pain, but the Doctor's words are a start.
Author's Note: For the "planet destruction" square of my [ profile] hc_bingo card. Excuse the random Greek mythology references in the beginning. I am a nerd.

Been Trying To Run My Heart Away )
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Title: Pictures Of The Life I Lived
Author: qafkinnetic
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, pre-Doctor Who Jack
Rating: PG
Summary: A man wanders the Universe with memories in his pocket.
Authors' Notes: Written for the "orphans" square of my [ profile] hc_bingo card. Title from Life I've Lost by Parallel Truth.

Pictures Of The Life I Lived )

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Title: This Thing Is Built From Broken Parts
Author: qafkinnetic
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Owen/Ianto
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ianto wonders if this is his brain’s new version of fucked up, falling in love with the people he’s supposed to hate.
Authors' Notes: This story is way, way longer than I originally anticipated. It also took me forever to write, for some reason. Thanks to [ profile] snarkymuch for betaing! The story was inspired a bit by this photo manip. This was written for the "rejection" square of my [ profile] hc_bingo card. It's more hurt than comfort.

This Thing Is Built From Broken Parts )

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I am doing Round Three at [ profile] hc_bingo. This is my bingo card that I got. Links will be added as stories are finished.

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